We offer a huge selection of the best virtual instruments with a powerful and vast array of acoustic and electronic sounds from the industry leaders like SpectrasonicsSounds On Line, Native Instruments, IK-Multimedia, Synthogy, VIR 2, Modartt, Steven Slate and more.

From Hollywood composers to bedroom producers, musicians around the world use these virtual instruments to push the envelope of music production.

Today almost all recording is done with virtual instruments -they are just that good! And, they excel in detail and sound quality while offering a wealth of recording and editing advantages over their real world counterparts. Create the sounds, grooves, and textures that make up today’s top tracks with our virtual instrument library.

Create and customize your sound and change it in the mix-down process if you’d like, modify the physical attributes associated with the instrument to suit your personal preferences
After you’ve recorded with a virtual instrument, you’ll be able to
Change your customized sound if you’d like,fix a wrong note (not that you’d ever need to! or edit your dynamics. Check out some of our favorite “go-to” virtual instruments!