Guitar and Bass

Unique Features and Ready-to-play Instruments

Guitar Rig 6  Pro -Amps, Cabs and EFX Rack

A boutique selection of 21 classic guitar and bass amplifiers with matching cabinets, modeled using award-winning techniques, to provide a wide range of signature tones with 68 effects and tools – a huge selection of ways for you to customise your sounds and make them your own. From legendary stompboxes to highly sought-after rack modules, these components can be used on guitar, vocals, synths, drums, organs, or whatever else is in your mix.

Epiphone SG400 Pro Guitar

You’ll probably want to use your own guitar, but take a look at the additional options when playing our Epiphone SG with Triple Play. The benefits may just surprise you!

Epiphone G Pro 400 solidbody guitar with Alnico Classic split coil pickups, push/pull coil-tapping.

Ibanex SR375E 5 string Bass

Sleek lines and fast playability and active 3-band preamp that also features a 3-way Power Tap switch harness the power of the bass’s PowerSpan Dual Coil neck and bridge pickups while adding plenty of tone-shifting options.

Ibanex miKro GSRM20 4 string Bass

Short-scale Bass with Heavyweight Tone!
It’s compact body and smaller neck provide y amazing comfort and playability. The Micro has one J-style and one P-style pickup – bringing both of their recognizabe tones to your fingertips.

Fender Super Champ X2

The Fender Super-Champ X2 compliments our Guitar Rig 6 virtual amp collection, providing a more traditional studio quality tube amp.

The valve channel has that rich sparkle associated with the best Fender ‘Blackface’ amps from the early-to-mid-’60s, with a sweet treble, smooth bass response and a tight, restrained mid-range that makes for perfect rhythm parts.

The digital channel has 16 different hand-picked amp voicings, from gritty blues sounds through to an approximation of heavier metal tones. All of them prove to be surprisingly sweet and very responsive; our favorites include the dirty/compressed tweed Deluxe and ’65 Deluxe voicings.