Piano & Synths

Kawai VPC1 with Alesis Q49

Virtual Instruments

There are a multitude of acoustic and electric pianos in the world and each has a special place in studio recording so we offer a wide variety of virtual pianos for your project from Steinway, Yamaha, Roland, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and more. Our favorites are Ivory 3 from Synthogy and Keyscape from Spectrasonic, but we also have Pianoteq from Modartt and Ravenscroft 275 from VI Labs.

Our massive library provides hundred’s of highly detailed instruments for your recording project. Some of the better known VST instruments in our library are: Addictive Drums, Stylus RMX, Acou6tics Guitar, Massive, Omnisphere, Absynth, Trilian, Guitar Rig, Hammond B3-X, Superior Drummer 3, and  Symphonic Orchestra.

VST instrument offer many advantages:

  • They’re always in tune
  • Typically more detailed and more easily modified than hardware instruments
  • Don’t require mic’ing, so page-turns or other room noise are not an issue
  • Offer additional options to customize your sound and change it later in the mix-down process if you’d like
  • Accurately produce the sound of instruments too expensive and/or too large for most recording studios