Izotope Music Production Pro Suite

Award-winning AI enhanced audio software for mixing, mastering, restoration, and more.

iZotope has put all the latest Pro versions of its top mixing software (Neutron Pro, Ozone Pro and RX Pro For Music) in one suite. These are accompanied by an astounding set of additional software collections like Insight Pro, its award-winning metering and analysis package, Neoverb, which is simple to use and produces some of the best and instantly usable reverb effects I’ve heard, Nectar Pro, VocalSynth Pro, and Melodyne 5 Essentials – all of which are some of the best vocal production, manipulation, synthesis and time/pitch correction software plugins available.

Also included is Tonal Balance Control Pro, which is designed to learn from the music you love or the genre you’re working in to achieve better, more consistent mixing and mastering results.