Virtual Mix Rack

Customizable Virtual Rack of 4 World Class Mix Modules

Versatile Mix CompressorsUnlike so many ‘analog modeled’ equalizer plugins and compressors that simply recreate analog equalization and compression curves, these VMR modules model every nuance of the circuit paths and recreate all of the essential harmonics, saturations, phase, and interactivity that give the units their trademark tone.

These plugins model the iconic analog EQ’s and compressors -very important to achieving that warm analog sound in a predominantly digital studio.

Two Versatile Mix Compressors

FG-116 This compressor sounds great on everything like lead vocals, drums, and bass guitars.

FG-401 is perhaps the most versatile mix compressor in the world that can sound good on any source you feed into it!

Two Classic British EQs

FG-S This equalizer also has rich harmonics and interactive mid bands with a fat musical tone. It’s the ultimate workhorse mix eq that can be used on any track.
FG-N This equalizer is lush, fat, and bold and sounds great on everything from drums to vocals; it can even add the perfect saturation to synth and electronic tracks.

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