Sound Design Music Studio

A Recording Studio that Fits Your Needs

When you record at Sound Design, you’ll be working with a recording engineer with over 25 years experience recording over 100 album projects , and you’ll have the entire studio at your disposal. Three versatile tracking rooms and control room have a wide range of features and equipment for quality recording. Ready-to-play rooms are equipped for musicians to walk in, plug in, and start playing! Personal mixers available throughout the studio make it easy for musicians and singers to dial in that perfect mix for their individual recording needs. Take full advantage of our equipment, effects plug-ins, sound libraries, physical instruments and recording expertise. It’s all included; it’s what we do

Control Room

At Sound Design, we strive to have just the right balance of hardware, software and expertise to create an efficient, smooth-paced recording session. We are continually updating our studio with products, features and functionality to provide a state of the art recording facility for your recording needs. Our Control Room features a very comfortable ergonomic atmosphere for your recording session.


Keyboard Workstation 1

The Kawai MP10 Piano provides an authentic piano touch with high quality acoustic and electric piano sounds. The most authentic keyboard, the most realistic sound, and the most articulate control. While others may claim to be ‘the best’, only one can be considered the most genuine. Kawai MP10 – the piano for music professionals who do not accept compromise.


Keyboard Workstation 2

The DMC-122 is a dual manual midi controller with 25 note pedal board and is the perfect compliment to the Kawai piano. So whether you prefer the 88 key piano action of the MP10 or the dual 61 key lighter action of the DMC-122, Sound Design has the right keyboards for your project. The Kawai Piano and the DMC-122 can both be used to play the studio’s large Virtual Instruments library.


Guitar & Bass Workstations

Plug into one of our guitar or bass workstations, and you’ll have full access to our virtual instrument library and creative tools. Both workstations are equipped with virtual amps, effects and speaker cabs- all in a rack you set up and control with a footswitch pedal board. You’ll love dialing up that perfect tone. Bring your own instrument or use our studio guitars or basses. We have solid body, semi hollow body and acoustic guitars as well as two electric basses available for you to use in your project.


Vocal & Acoustic Workstation

High quality microphones and boutique mic preamps capture, enrich and enhance your performance. All rooms at Sound Design are acoustically treated to create the ideal space to record your project. We have over 30 different microphone types; our three favorites are the Neumann TLM103, a Telefunken Copperhead tube mic, and AudioTechnica’s 4033B.

Neumann Microphone TLM103

Drum Workstation

Our drum workstation features Pearl Fusion Birch Shells with Evans Level 360 G2 heads, Zyljian Custom A studio cymbals, a dedicated drum headphone mixer with Direct Sound’s EX-29 Extreme Isolation Headphones designed specifically for drummers. This set is tuned, mic’d, and ready to play. Our virtual drum software, including Addictive Drums 2BFD2, and Battery 3 & 4, can provide additional options for your drums.    


Powerplay P16-Ms

These 16 channel personal mixers give recording musicians/vocalists control of what they really want to hear during a recording session. Performers can not only adjust the Volume for each of 16 input signals, but also set the Pan (left to right mix), EQ (Bass, Mid with sweepable Freq control and Treble) – and much more. And the best part, these adjustments can all be made without affecting anyone else’s personal mix. P16s are conveniently distributed throughout the studio.